Hang Tags Printing

Hang tags are an easy way and inexpensive way to promote your business or organization. They serve as an opportunity for a customer to remember your brand.

Hang tags are very important for manufactures to introduce our produces with customers. Very few item offered in retail do not include a hang tag. Hang tags are also important because it is an marketing tool as well.

Hang tags printing

About Design,

Basically, your hang tag should attract attention, tell a story and project an image. It should be build brand recognition so that once a customer sees one of your hang tags. Your hang tag should answer one very important question.

Addition, you can use vibrant colors in your design to make them more attractive and have them printed on both sides so you can include more details.

Get your logo on your hang tag. No other image best signifies your company’s brand like your logo.

Here’s a list of infor you may want to include on your tag:

  • Logo or brand name
  • Website
  • Product information
  • Price
  • Contact information
  • Social media
Some information that you can show on your tags

Hang tags size

The size depends on two things: how big the item is and how much info you need to give your customers. You should consider your item’s shelf/rack placement how visible the tag will be

Kprint have a wide range of sizes and stocks to fit you needs.



We’ve already mentioned that the best way for people to notice your tag is using special stocks and finishes.

There are also coating options available : uncoated for those who want to write on their tags, matte that offers some shine, gloss which adds even more, and UV coating to make those designs really gloss.

Hang tags printing with art paper and embossing

About Material,

Have many paper to print hang tags. Gloss paper, shiny paper or recycle paper as Kraft.

Kprint is committed to giving our customers high quality products and best price while also being committed to enviroment.

Give your everyday lables a natural, organic appearance with kraft lable from Kprint.

Kraft paper for your hang tags to they can be better

Some hang tags:

  • Regular bottle neck tags

Regular bottle neck hang tags get your products noticed up close and from a distance.  The most popular use is on wine bottles. You can also use regular bottle neck tags for on barbecue, sauces, condiments, hair care products, house hold cleaners, and much more.

People judge a product primarily bt its label to rise in a sea of similar mechandise your products

Hang tags clothing
  • Circle tags

Round out your brand with circle hang tag printing. The custom printed tags are popular for clothing, or as wedding favor tags, or other personalized favor tags

  • Die cut tags

Stand out with die cut hang tags for your promotional campaigns. Be sure to include important details about your brand to make it easier for your potential market to know more about business.